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When it's been 9 months (or something there about)...

And you're still recovering, you know you have a problem.

So. I still haven't re-read Shadow Over Kirath. Are we all ashamed? See, whenever I think about reading it, I get all... hyperish and afraid that I'll go crazy. And I'm afraid of going crazy because then I won't sleep, and almost nothing is as important to the once-tramatized-young-girl-who-couldn't-ever-sleep as Her Sleep.

Also, should we perhaps post a post with all our fanart? I have a few and I know Jolene has at least one....

I wish I had digital painting skills or something so I could make a drawing of trap or Abramm. I need to find a picture of Grown Up Peter from LWW.

Speaking of which, since this comunity is wanting for something more, should we amuse ourselves with casting Light of Eidon?

Oh, and it might be amusing to play with the layout here... Maybe I'll do that in my spare time someday. Or maybe someone more skilled could do it.

Done rambling. REPLY OR DIE. o:-)
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infuzemag.com reviews Shadow Over Kiriath--and Karen writes back!

The review's last paragraph pretty much sums up my thoughts on the book, too, though I still need to write up a lengthy review, myself.

Oh yeah, and on the same note as Alyssa's post, I was looking around in SoK while Kelsey was reading it and discovered that yes, both boys seemed to have some part of the regalia with them when they supposedly died. Ian was of course wrapped up in the cloak, and although I still don't think the book explicitly said this, I can't imagine what other hard round thing Maddie would have sewn into Simon's toy horse--and while Abramm was being tortured, when somebody (I forget if it was Blackwell or Gillard) told him about the boys' deaths, I remember them specifically mentioning that Simon was clutching his toy horse.

So...who knows?
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So...I was skimming SoK for no real reason, and I suddenly thought "Hey...if Abramm's so insecure about those scars of his, he should cover them with a little half-mask ala Phantom of the Opera!"

The worst part? My mind took this completely seriously for about two seconds.

Yeah. I have problems.
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Abramm's Boys are not dead?

Hey. I have this theory that Abramm's boys aren't death. Or might not be. Or something.

K. First, Ian got thrown against a wall, but he was wrapped up in the Light cape thing. Is it possible the Light protected him? Not sure if this is true because I think Gillie sent someone to make sure he was dead and they said he was, but they also didn't notice the cape thing so they could have been wrong.

Second, I agree with Abramm that Gillie wouldn't shown the bodies if he could. And he didn't show Simon's, so my hope is Simon is hiding somewhere.

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What's up with Trap?

Hopefully all you have finished reading SoK by now. ;)

In the Dreaded Chapter 34 That It Is Impossible To Sleep After, Trap is living in Carissa's house. Carissa all through the book quite obviously wants to get married to someone she loves *coughcough* but Trap never really makes a move, even though he has loved her too. Why did he stop pursuing her after the first of her mood problems (as Abramm noted)? Why didn't he say, "Hey, she's having a hard time so I'll marry her to protect/help her"? Why live in her house but be unwilling to take the responsibility of being her husband? At least he could have married her when he found out she was pregnant so she did not have to live with the rumors that it was their child while they were unmarried. This struck me as very uncharacteristic of Trap so I'm eager to hear what ya'll say.
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Shadow Over Kiriath Excerpt

Let me open the floor for discussion of the SoK excerpt that Karen sent out in her last newsletter. I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here; in any case it should be up on her website very soon. What did you think? It struck me as rather reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.
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Hello, and welcome to the Karen Hancock fan community! Feel free to post loads--in fact, do! I'd love to see some icons and fanart (er...hint, hint?) as well as discussion of her published books and theorising about the upcoming one. (Theories are wonderful things. Banui likes theories muchly.)
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